About Us

TLM Solutions, Inc. is your one-stop source for time management needs. We offer complete labor management enterprise software solutions which include time and attendance tracking, job tracking, distribution of labor, employee self-service options and seamless integration to HR/Payroll systems. TLM Solutions provides all forms of data collection including bio-metric terminals, facial recognition and mobile applications to computerized time clocks and basic time stamps. 

TLM Solutions is the perfect solution for any size business. Our workforce management solutions will help your business cost effectively manage and optimize the time and labor resources of your employees. This system seamlessly integrates with your existing HR and payroll application to eliminate manual processes and increase your bottom line. With integration to Payroll and HR systems, proven implementation and ongoing support, we will be with you for the long term.

TLM Solutions, Inc. has been servicing the Time and Attendance and Labor Management industry for over 35 years. We welcome the opportunity to demonstrate our strengths. From product design and engineering, through installation and ongoing software support, we are confident that we will meet your highest performance and value expectations.